1. The Kestrel
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'The Kestrel' – this was written in the days and weeks after the passing of Simon D'souza - a good friend, musician and inspirational leader. I was walking on the Downs with the dogs and I kept seeing a kestrel hovering overhead. I felt that Simon was close by and saying, “It's going to be ok.” I have lost several friends, family members, and precious pets, and really all you can do is, “take one step forward . . . keep moving forward”.

Lucy Pickering: vocals
Hilary Burt: flute
Kate Hogg: flute
Beccy Rork: flute
Steve Morgan: keyboard
Dave Barnard: bass guitar
Alex Eberhard: drums
Chris Stockel: percussion

Mixed and mastered by James McMillan at Quiet Money Studios

'The Kestrel' composed and arranged by Hilary Burt


I saw the kestrel in the sky

The day after, you left us

I wondered whether it was you

Coming to say hello

And we miss you still after all this time

It's hard to believe that you're not here

And we miss you still after all these years

I wonder where you'd be?

Life is much the same

Lots of faces you'd know

And I wonder you'd be

Here in town or somewhere else?

We often say,

He would have said this

He would have done that

He would have known what moves to make

We know that you would take everything in your stride

Give everyone their chance to shine

I saw the kestrel in the sky

It hovered and said hello

If every bird was someone's soul

How beautiful that would be

You could say hello anytime you wished

You'd never be alone again my friend

You could take that memory and had it close

Time will heal it always does

Just trust and you will see.

Life has ups and downs

Of that you can be sure

When you lose someone you love

take one step forward

keep moving forward

take one step forward

keep moving forward

And say hello to the kestrel