1. Eleanor Rigby
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'Eleanor Rigby' – cover of the Lennon/McCartney classic Beatles tune.

I wanted to explore the 'minor' sound of this beautiful tune. The original is such an iconic piece of work but I found myself moving within the various modes of the scale and experimenting with different elements of the melody.

This is one of two tunes on the album with added backing vocals. I recorded each vocal separately at our house and was blown away when they were put together.

I've used the vocal harmonies quite sparingly but hopefully when you hear them, they make an impression.

I can't take credit for the latin section in the middle. That came about when we were rehearsing the piece with Terry Pack's Trees (I originally scored it for this band) and suddenly the wonderful piano player Tom Phelan started adding this latin groove at that point. Terry Pack was playing bass and went with him. All of a sudden the piece had taken a different direction and I absolutely loved it! I did want to come back to the half time feel so went home that evening and re-wrote the whole piece incorporating that change. I think it adds a terrific lift to the piece!

Lucy Pickering: vocals
Hilary Burt: flute
Kate Hogg: alto sax (solo)
Beccy Rork: tenor sax
Steve Morgan: keyboard (solo)
Dave Barnard: bass guitar
Alex Eberhard: drums
Chris Stockel: percussion

Vikki Parker: backing vocals
Annie Lightly: backing vocals
Collette Murphy: backing vocals

Mixed and mastered by James McMillan at Quiet Money Studios

Eleanor Rigby composed by John Lennon/Paul McCartney - arranged by Hilary Burt