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'Grass Is Always Greener' – this started off as an instrumental for a course I was doing at Berklee Online with Peter Bell. It was conceived as a theme tune to a detective series set in Scotland! I then completely changed direction with it, added a new chorus and wrote some lyrics telling the story of a Scottish woman who left her home in Dumfries and Galloway to pursue her dream of living in London. She discovered however that life was better in Galloway and she returned there to live in a beautiful home with views over the hills.

We had a lovely holiday in Galloway a while back and have one booked for the summer of 2019!

Lucy Pickering: vocals
Hilary Burt: alto sax
Kate Hogg: alto sax (solo)
Beccy Rork: soprano sax
Steve Morgan: keyboard
Dave Barnard: bass guitar
Alex Eberhard: guitar, backing vocals
Chris Stockel: drums

Mixed and mastered by James McMillan at Quiet Money Studios

'Grass Is Always Greener' composed and arranged by Hilary Burt


The London Lights
shone brightly through the cloudy night
Her new life had begun
and she was eager to move on

She'd left her life
in search of more exciting times
The hills of Galloway
no longer made her feel at home

Her friends said, “don't go”
But she knew she must
The time had come to leave.

Grass is always greener
Grass is always greener
Grass is always greener

She made new friends
Her job was all encompassing
She found the work was hard
the days were long and she felt lost.

She craved the space
She'd had before she joined this race
Her old friends had stayed behind
Made lives unlike her own.

She thought of the hills
She dreamt of the skies
But year after year went by.

Grass is always greener
Grass is always greener
Grass is always greener

A search began
For a new place to call her own
A house with space
Where she could breathe and dream her dreams

The home she found
Had grass as green as emerald seas
She found that coming home
Restored her inner sense of peace

She'd thought of those hills
She'd dreamt of those skies
And the grass was greener

In Galloway – ah the grass is greener
In Galloway – the hills, the skies
In Galloway