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'Filling In The Letters' – whilst on holiday on the Isle of Wight we visited a little gift shop. A young woman was working there who had a pile of Wordsearch books and Crosswords. I sensed that she was filling in time before the next thing in her life – but she didn't quite know how to get there. This is for her and everyone who feels they need to move on to a new place in their life.

Things can turn around - life can change!

Lucy Pickering: vocals
Hilary Burt: alto sax
Kate Hogg: alto sax
Beccy Rork: tenor sax
Steve Morgan: keyboard
Dave Barnard: bass guitar
Alex Eberhard: drums
Chris Stockel: percussion

Mixed and mastered by James McMillan at Quiet Money Studios

'Filling In The Letters' composed and arranged by Hilary Burt


Filling In the letters

Waiting for the door to open

Sitting in the same place, all day

Hoping things will change soon

Not knowing how to get there

Wondering when, wondering how

Things turn – around

And move – ahead

The book lay on the counter

Every page filled in

She knew she had to break free

But how?

Planning her escape

She knew what she should do

But wondering when and wondering how

Things turn - around

And move - ahead

To change - her life

And make - a break

in the back of her book

She made a list

All the things she would do that day

Bit by bit, day by day

Planning what she would say

Could she go through with her plan?

Even when she knew she had got there

Still she didn't tell

She needed to be sure she could do it

Before she made the move

So soon she knew just what to do

And wondered why she'd waited

She closed the shop and locked the door

And thought about her life before

She walked out and left

Leaving no trace

Wondering why she stayed there so long

Knowing that life

Can turn - around

and move - ahead

Life can change - around

And move ahead

Ah . . .

Life can change