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  1. Sarah's Hour
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'Sarah's Hour' - a lively samba with flutes and saxes leading the way.

Sarah's Hour was written in about 1999 when I was living and teaching from my one bedroom flat in Hackney. One of my students, Sarah, didn't turn up for her English lesson and since I had the piano in the same room, I started sketching out a new tune. It has had various incarnations over the years – first as a small band piece, and also as a big band score for the Sussex Jazz Orchestra when I added a lot of new material. This is basically that arrangement rescored especially for Blue Calluna.

Hilary Burt: flute
Kate Hogg: alto sax
Beccy Rork: tenor sax
Steve Morgan: keyboard (solo)
Dave Barnard: bass guitar (solo)
Alex Eberhard: drums
Chris Stockel: percussion

Mixed and mastered by James McMillan at Quiet Money Studios

'Sarah's Hour' composed and arranged by Hilary Burt